Probate Mediation

As we note on our estate litigation page, many estate-related legal disputes stem from (or at least involve) complex family dynamics. While litigation is an option (and sometimes the only option) to resolve these disputes, it is often beneficial to seek a negotiated solution first.

Getting family members talking to one another in a neutral environment can potentially lead to agreeable resolutions and avoid years of protracted litigation. If you are an estate law attorney with clients who might benefit from mediation, contact The Dennison Law Firm to learn how we can help you and your clients.

Our Probate Mediation Services

Carole M. Dennison is an experienced lawyer certified in civil mediation by the South Carolina Bar Association. In addition to her legal work in estate law, she served 17 years as an associate probate judge. Her work as a probate judge has strengthened her knowledge and skill in this particular area of law, and has given her a uniquely broad perspective on contested probate issues.

We can lead mediation for nearly any contested probate matter, including:

  • Contested wills
  • Allegations of undue influence or other validity issues
  • Allegations of breach of fiduciary duties
  • Petition to remove trustees or other named representatives
  • Allegations of misconduct from successor trustees against predecessors
  • Interpretation of provisions in the will or trust

We strive to reach amicable, mutually beneficial resolutions negotiated in good faith. In many cases, we are able to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently in order to save time and money for all parties involved.

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