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Carole and her team won my disability battle. She made sure she was knowledgeable in my conditions and limitations. I wasn't fighting because of an easily won diagnosis listed as a disability, but because I had several health problems that made it impossible to work because of all of them combined. She knew which were more important to put emphasis on and she won my case because of it. In fact, she won it so well that the judgment reads like a scolding to Social Security for denying me in the first place. That might be because the vocational expert gave me a 1% chance of finding a job that can accommodate my specific needs. She won my case so well that the judge awarded my full backpay of almost 3 years. I should have written this sooner because my case was a few years ago. But someone asked for a lawyer today and reminded me I never said thank you. If you need a good attorney who can win your case for you, Carole Dennison is who you need. Thank you Carole, for everything.

Client 2023/11/28

Responded to my inquiry with phone call, gave lots of helpful advice and encouragement. Super knowledgeable, pointed me in directions I never would have considered. Highly recommend to anyone with elder care law issues

Client 2022/11/24

I could not be happier with Carole and the services she performed for me. Totally knowledgeable, professional and competent. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any needs you or your family may have. She just may be the best attorney in her field. Explained everything I needed to know in a very kind and patient manner. Will call on her in the future should I need legal help. Restores credibility to her profession. I was a client when I spoke with her but felt like a friend after using her services.

Client 2022/02/15

I had only been in SC when my husband died suddenly. I needed a law firm that would be there for me to process his estate. We had a trust drawn up in another state and I wasn't sure how to go about handling all this paperwork. Carole and her team took care of everything for me and I had no worries whatsoever. It was an extremely stressful time but I quickly discovered that I had no worries with them handling all the legal issues involved. They were so caring, compentent and always there when I needed to talk to someone. The only reason I didn't select 'Won my case' was because there wasn't really a case to 'win'. They successfully dealt with all of the legalities involved in a death and what happens with probate, etc. This was made more difficult because they are in Greenville Cty and I live in Spartanburg Cty. I obviously can't say enough good things about Dennison Law Firm and if I every need a law firm again, I will quickly choose Dennison.

Client 2021/08/14

The Dennison Law Firm prepared my Will, Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney for Health Care. The made the process very clear and easy for me to understand. They were very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, thoughtful and attentive to my needs. I highly recommend them for estate planning. It was a pleasure working with them.

Client 2020/12/01

Carole and her associates assisted us with creating and filing all the necessary documents for wills, power of attorney and health care. She listened to us, answered our questions and made some suggestions we found helpful for our Agents and Beneficiaries. We recommend this firm.

Client 2020/07/18

Great estate planner! Friendly and helpful staff. Both Attorney Carole Dennison and her staff member have been probate judges so are very knowledgeable. Mine was a very easy and helpful experience. I appreciated the understandable explanations and answers to my questions. I highly recommend this law firm,

Client 2020/07/01

Carole and Timothy have a wealth of experience in probate,wills, and trusts. I was referred to Carole because she is a former probate judge and was very pleased with the outcome of my case.

Client 2016/08/19

I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking help in this field.

Client 2016/07/14

I was so pleased with my services with Carole. I had applied 3 times for disability and denied. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Client 2013/02/08

Very sensitive to needs. Professional and takes time to explain procedure and answer questions. Felt like she had my best interest{newline}at heart.

Client 2012/07/07

Was turned down for social security several times so I went to the Dennison Law Firm. They took my case seem as if they really cared about me. They got me my disability in about 7 months. Did not have to worry about it. They took care of everything. I would recommend if you are having trouble getting your disability claim go to the Dennison Law Firm.

Client 2012/03/15

This firm was excellent to work with as they guided me through this process.

Client 2011/11/10

She and the lawyers in her office are very professional and thorough. Everyone in her office helps cheerfully and follows up with you on any questions or problems you may have. I highly recommend her and her staff.

Client 2011/11/07

Carole is an excellent attorney that exceeded my expectations. Not only did she attain approval for me in far less time than the state average, she also has an excellent staff that was very knowledgable and compassionate while working on the case. Carole was a God-send at a very low point in my life. I highly recommend The Dennison Law Firm.

Client 2010/12/13

Honest, came through for me

Client 2010/08/26