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South Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorney

Experienced South Carolina Attorney Helps Clients Obtain Benefits

In most cases where someone is injured on the job in South Carolina, workers’ compensation is available. Employers with four or more employees must provide insurance to cover workers for injuries and illnesses sustained. The Dennison Law Firm, P.C. in Greenville represents employees seeking to obtain the reimbursement they are entitled to for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages if they are unable to work for at least seven days.

Advocate Guides Workplace Accident Victims Through The Claim Process

From start to finish, my firm makes sure that workers’ compensation claimants have the information and support they need for each aspect of their case, including:

  • Filing a claim — As soon as you have been hurt on the job or have contracted an illness that you believe is associated with your work, you should make a report to your employer. Waiting more than 90 days could stop you from collecting benefits. If your employer fails to report the claim, I can help you report it directly to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

  • Situations and employees not covered — While most workplace injury cases are handled through the workers’ compensation system, federal employees, agricultural workers and people who work for businesses with fewer than four employees are not covered. Likewise, injuries that occur outside the normal course of work (in a fight between employees, for example) are not compensable.

  • Timeframe — If an employee is out of work for more than seven days and is unable to return to work, compensation for lost wages should be provided.

During an initial 30-minute meeting, I will outline what you can expect in your workers’ compensation case and answer any questions you might have.

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Accomplished Firm Pursues Reimbursement For Medical Bills And Lost Wages

My firm evaluates your circumstances and explains what type of benefits you should collect through a series of payments or a negotiated lump-sum settlement. Under the law, payment is available for:

  • Medical expenses — Bills for doctors, hospitals, prescription drugs and other medical expenses are paid fully if you qualify for workers’ compensation. However, during the course of treatment, employers or their insurers might try to limit or cut off benefits if they believe you are not following doctors’ orders.

  • Lost wages — You can obtain two-thirds of your average weekly wage up to a maximum set annually by the state. The 2019 limit is $845.74 per week. Occasionally, an individual collecting workers’ compensation might lose their job. Should this happen to you, I’ll advise you how unemployment benefits might affect your lost-wages compensation.

  • Rehabilitation costs — A serious medical condition often carries expenses that go beyond doctors’ and hospital bills. Workers’ compensation coverage reimburses you for such expenses as transportation costs and modifications to a victim’s home that must be made to accommodate their disability.

  • Permanent disability — Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, you can seek permanent benefits if some partial or total disability remains. An informal conference is convened where a mediator tries to work out a settlement that addresses the ongoing limitation. If consensus cannot be reached, I can represent you at a hearing on the matter.

  • Survivor benefits — When a fatal accident occurs in the workplace, family members of the decedent are entitled to $12,000 for funeral expenses. Wage replacement payments are also available to spouses, children and other dependents for up to 500 weeks after the death.

When the workers’ compensation system breaks down because your employer is not honoring its legal duty, you need a strong legal advocate to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Attorney Handles Appeals When Workers’ Comp Claims Are Denied

Having a workers’ compensation claim rejected puts heavy financial pressure on victims and their families. Sometimes, an employer or insurer believes that the injury did not occur during normal job duties. In other instances, the denial might be based on doubts about the claimant’s true medical condition. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to file an appeal quickly. My firm will gather the necessary documents and request a hearing before a member of the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. The next level of appeal is a proceeding before a panel of three commissioners.

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If you need assistance in claiming workers’ compensation for a disabling injury or have been refused benefits that are due, please call the Dennison Law Firm, P.C. or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Greenville office.