Workers' Compensation

In South Carolina, Workers Compensation law governs on the job injuries of an employee. An employer with four or more employees must provide insurance coverage to cover the medical care and treatment for injuries sustained by an injured worker. If the employee is out of work for more than seven days and is unable to return to work, the employer should make sure that the employee continues to receive appropriate medical and treatment, compensation for lost wages and, later, payment for any permanent disability resulting from the injury. Most employers abide by these laws, but occasionally they do not.

At the Dennison Law Firm, we understand that when the system breaks down, when the employer is not treating you properly, its time for us to take appropriate action on your behalf. We want to make sure that you are getting the benefits you deserve.

If you have been refused benefits or medical treatment despite a disabling injury, please make an appointment or email us to see an attorney at the Dennison Law Firm.