One of the most difficult realities of aging is the risk of mental incapacity. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are sadly common, and they represent just two of the many scenarios that would prevent an adult from being able to make or communicate important decisions. A thorough estate plan should include naming trusted individuals to act as durable power of attorney and health care power of attorney. Choosing these individuals now can save a significant amount of legal work later on. In cases where that has not happened or cannot happen, however, it is usually necessary to petition the Probate Court to appoint guardians and conservators.

Guardians And Conservatorships — What’s The Difference?

In South Carolina, guardians are given the authority to make health care decisions (including residency) on behalf of an incapacitated adult, while conservators have authority over financial matters and property. In this way, a guardian fulfills the same role as someone designated health care power of attorney. Also, a conservator is similar to someone appointed durable power of attorney, except with a lot more court supervision.

How Our Firm Can Help

Seeking a guardianship or conservatorship is often logistically difficult, but it can also be emotionally fraught and very expensive. Whether the people in need of a guardian/conservator are aging parents or mentally incapacitated adult children, the choices are hard and may come with significant feelings of guilt and grief. In South Carolina, under some limited circumstances, it becomes necessary to appoint conservators for minor children.

At The Dennison Law Firm, P.C., we understand these challenges and will do all we can to help you make decisions in the best interests of everyone involved. We believe that lawyers in estate law should be compassionate as well as highly skilled. That’s what you can expect when you work with our firm.

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